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Our Mission 


ACP Arts Ink is a 501c Non Profit Organization based in Union County, New Jersey. The organization was established to provide the community with opportunities to engage in the writing of poetry and the performance arts in a safe, versatile way that would enhance creativity and cultural diversity within the surrounding school districts and communities.


To establish opportunities in the arts to the youth and the community, ACP Art Ink is seeking opportunities to collaborate, implement quality programming and maintain an ongoing partnership with school districts and community based organizations.


The fundraising efforts of ACP Arts Ink include application of grants, fundraising events planned throughout the year, sponsorship from key community organizations and businesses and monetary donations.


Our Mission


ACP Arts Ink provides a platform for the creative arts through poetry, spoken word, and other aspects of oral interpretation to foster an outlet of artistic expression, self-esteem, and social awareness.


Our program will provide local poetry slams competitions in New Jersey and enter slam winners into national and regional poetry slam competitions throughout the country. Also, it will provide “poetry open mics” throughout the community as a form of open expression.


We will coordinate with school districts throughout New Jersey to give teens a platform to write and perform poetry, and educate them in the art of slam poetry. The ultimate goal in this is to form teen slam teams and develop camaraderie among students from different economic, ethnic, and social backgrounds.


Project Goals:

● Develop a high quality of awareness in the area of poetry, writing and the performance arts.

● Provide opportunities for youth ages 8 to 18 to participate in programs that promote a creative mindset and intellectual growth fostered by the arts.

● Establish background and context surrounding the current deficits in arts education and how it affects youth.

Program Expectations:

● Provide skilled teaching artists via independent artist consultants and/or sub contracted programs.

● Participation will build skill in the area of writing, poetry and performance via in person and remote learning platforms.

● Programming consists of engaging.

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